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Survey Says: We Need More Network Forensics and Real-Time Visibility at 10G!

We launched our 2013 State of Faster Networks survey back in July of this year with the goal of determining exactly how widespread companies’ migration to 10G is and what kinds of problems are being seen along the way.

Over the past few months we compiled your responses and are excited to share them with you. We thank all of you who participated in helping us better understand the footprint of 10G, and we hope the below results help shed some light on how you can fully utilize, and transition to, faster networks.

Who Took the Survey?
We received responses from more than 100 network engineers and IT directors, and as you will see below, the majority of respondents are already supporting 10G networks.

Key Findings
Our survey questions addressed two central topics in relation to faster speed networks: network analysis and network forensics.

The survey found that while many companies support 10G networks (72 percent), network engineers are facing a myriad of challenges in migrating to 10G. For example, 43 percent of respondents cited limited or no network visibility as the biggest challenge in transitioning to faster speed networks. Other challenges respondents cited include:

  • Limitation of security monitoring (21 percent)
  • Lack of real-time network analysis (20 percent)
  • Lack of smart tap compatibility with an existing solution (16 percent)

When it came to network forensics, we found only 31 percent of respondents are implementing some type of network forensics solution in their network, even though 85 percent stated it was essential. What is the reason for such a large discrepancy? Cost is a huge inhibiting factor, with nearly half of respondents identifying cost as the biggest factor in enabling network forensics on high-speed networks.

The below graph details additional challenges with network forensics at 10G: netforensics_graph As we stated before, network forensics is the only solution at 10G. It allows you to quickly solve everything from intermittent network failures to major security risks. Attempting to recreate a network problem is like trying to find a needle in a haystack at 10G! Out of all of our statistics, we were shocked to learn this practice wasn’t more pervasive.

What Does it all Mean?
Now that we’ve seen the results and determined what companies need in order to make the switch to faster networks, what are the next steps? Survey respondents made it clear they need more real-time statistics and faster forensic search times in order to migrate to 10G, yet several factors are stepping in their way.

WildPackets offers many different network analysis solutions at 10G that fit any budget and provide the real-time insight needed. Check out our whitepaper, “Network Forensics in a 10G World,” to learn more about how you can better perform network monitoring and analysis at 10G.

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10G is here.

Industry reports vary widely on the footprint of 10G. We want to get to the bottom of this and to determine exactly how widespread the 10G migration is, and what kinds of problems are being seen along the way.

The findings will be shared on our blog when they are available. We will be giving away a $50 Amazon gift card to two lucky survey respondents, so please take just a moment to help our community to uncover the real story on 10G.


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