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Wireless Field Day 5: What You Did and Didn’t See…

Last week, we participated in our second Wireless Field Day event and hosted 11 of the industry’s top wireless professionals at our headquarters to dive into demos of our Omni Distributed Analysis Platform 7.5. For those of you who missed the live stream of our presentation, we thought a quick wrap-up of what happened when cameras were rolling – and even when they weren’t – would help you feel like you were in the room with our delegates!

Want to know what went down? Read on, as we give you the inside scoop and what the cameras did and didn’t capture at Wireless Field Day 5.

Capturing 802.11ac Packets in Real Time
Demonstrating a live 11ac capture was one of our favorite parts of the day, as it’s something we’ve been working hard on, and we’re the first to deliver a solution. Although we weren’t using 802.11ac as the primary wireless network, we had a separate laptop connecting to a Linksys 11ac AP and sending traffic over an 11ac network.

We used a 1-steam 11ac WLAN adapter, the Cisco AE6000, to capture 11ac traffic for analysis in OmniPeek. We showed summary-level views of the 11ac traffic in OmniPeek’s Compass dashboard, and drilled into detailed views of the 11ac packets themselves. With OmniPeek’s new support for MCS and spatial stream reporting, all key metrics of any WLAN, including 11ac, are at your fingertips. And with support for 11ac USB WLAN adapters for capturing, you can continue to use OmniPeek as your go-to portable WLAN network analyzer and capture 11ac anywhere, at any time.

Here’s the video of us capturing 802.11ac traffic.

VoFi (Voice over Wi-Fi) Capture
In addition to capturing single-stream 11ac traffic, we also demonstrated packet analysis of a VoFi call, which you can watch us do below. With OmniPeek, we showed how users could capture an entire VoFi call, store it, and play it back to see where problems may have occurred.

By highlighting the specific call in our “calls view” interface, you can easily drill in to see detailed analysis of the call as a whole, including details like the number of control packets, control flows, signaling flows, and signaling packets. And in our “media” view we provide even more details regarding the call, including key metrics like MOS, R-Factor, jitter, and packet loss so you can determine exactly how each and every call on you WLAN is performing.

What you didn’t see…
Well, if you’ve checked out any of the videos, one thing you’ll notice is that there are a lot of Macs among the WFD delegates, and we’re demonstrating from a PC – clearly a technology mismatch. But before the delegates left our offices, many were already running OmniPeek on their Macs (either using Boot Camp or the VM of their choice) AND capturing 802.11ac packets with the very same Cisco AE6000 we used in our demonstration. Needless to say they left a very happy bunch.

In case you missed Stephen Foskett’s original stream of the event, you can catch the remaining videos here. As always, if you have any questions or just want to get some conversation going, leave us a comment on this blog.

Wireless Field Day Wrap-Up: The Who, What, Where and When

Photo by Stephen Fosket

Last Wednesday, for the first time, we participated in a Tech Field Day event. We opened up our Walnut Creek offices to 13 wireless industry experts and active bloggers to take part in the third Wireless Field Day . We had a great time getting to know some of the independent thought leaders in the wireless industry. Stephen Foskett of Tech Field Day hosted the event, and he streamed our presentations live at techfieldday.com. If you missed it, not to worry—Steven was good enough to upload all of the presentations online – check them out here!

The day kicked off with a brief introduction of the afternoon’s events by Vincent Sartor, our Director of Engineering. Then, Senior Program Manager Mandana Javaheri took the visiting bloggers through a background story about WildPackets and how we came to be where we are today. Check out Mandana in action:

To wrap-up the afternoon, our Director of Product Management Jay Botelho introduced everyone to the new wireless features in OmniPeek 7.0, including visibility into the Compass Live dashboard with its new wireless signal strength view and Expert event graphing, multi-channel wireless analysis using 3 802.11n 3-stream adapters, roaming detection  to aid in today’s ever more mobile environments, and OmniPeek Remote Assistant, a new capability that allows remote data collection to be initiated by  anyone running a computer, technical capabilities not required. The presentation was based on analyzing the wireless traffic within the conference room, where, with 13 bloggers all with laptops and phones firing, we had plenty of information to work with! The interaction throughout the afternoon was stimulating, and the comments and suggestions from the WFD3 delegates invaluable. Check out Jay’s presentation:

But, with all that, the highlight of the afternoon had to be the homemade pumpkin cupcakes with cinnamon frosting! Delicioso!

All in all, we had a great time hosting everyone, and we owe Stephen a huge thank you for letting us be a part of this event.

Should you have time, you should definitely check out some of the bloggers’ posts about WildPackets: