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WildPackets in the NOC

The world’s largest independent IT conference, Interop, could not run without its network, InteropNet. And, InteropNet could not run without a group of volunteers and vendors that are selected each year to collaborate and run the expo’s network from the Network Operations Center (NOC).

This week, you will not only find us at Interop Las Vegas, but also our full range of Omnipliance solutions will be a part of the InteropNet!

Preparing for Interop
Being a part of the Interop NOC is challenging in several ways. First, you are working in a research and development environment that has the most advanced wired and wireless technologies.

Second – and maybe the most challenging – is Interop vendors and attendees use as much bandwidth as possible to ensure that product demos go on without a hitch and to stay connected to the outside world via mobile devices. The number of devices deployed as well as the bandwidth needed to run the show makes operating a highly reliable, high performance network a challenge and the ability to troubleshoot and quickly resolve issues a high priority. This is where our real-time analysis and network forensics on both wired and wireless networks will play a crucial role both in finding and diagnosing any problem.

For the last two weeks, we’ve been working with our fellow NOC vendors and volunteers to create a working infrastructure and testing our Omnipliances interoperability with the other products in the NOC. Together, we helped enable a seamless, end-to-end network application monitoring, analysis and troubleshooting solution that is ready for the show, although our work has just begun.

During Interop
The WildPackets’ Professional Services team will be looking at the real-time health across all the network segments in a single view at Interop and ready to quickly troubleshoot any network issues. With leveraging our expert events and network forensic capabilities, we can easily detect any bandwidth hogs and maintain the high quality runtime of InteropNet.

For wireless, our Omnipliances will help validate the placement of access points and the signal strength. They will validate configuration and optimizations changes that network engineers may make during the show. For example, these changes may include increasing the signal strength of an Access Point (AP), changing a directional antenna, changing what types of clients can connect, or even changing how often an AP will beacon. Also, the Omnipliances can easily detect and investigate BYOD issues when wireless devices are in motion to maintain the high quality wireless experience at InteropNet.

If you want to hear more about our participation at Interop, leave us a comment or come say hello at booth 2059. You can also tour the NOC on Wednesday and Thursday, May 8 and 9.