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Intermittent VoIP Issues Are a Big Deal to Customers

If during a VoIP call between two of your employees, the quality of the call begins to erode and jitter becomes a nuisance, your workers may simply shrug it off and wait until the problem passes. Even if a VoIP communication is dropped completely, the two employees are likely simply to reconnect and continue the conversation as if nothing much had happened.

Workers who spend five days a week together and have personal relationships with each other aren’t likely to get bent out of shape because of intermittent call difficulties. Customers, however, are a different story.

What effect do you think it would have on your relationship with a customer if after taking the time to reach out to your organization, his or her call was dropped 75 percent of the way through the interaction with one of your customer service agents? Probably the customer’s frustration in the face of having to call again—starting at the bottom of the queue—would prevent a callback from taking place and the customer’s issue from ever being resolved satisfactorily.

Your problems may actually go deeper than that, however, as recent research from New Voice Media found that 58 percent of Americans would never use a company again after a single negative customer experience.

So, how do you ensure top-notch call VoIP quality that helps keep your customers loyal? A network monitoring solution that includes tools for VoIP monitoring and analysis is a perfect place to start. Such a product can drill down specifically on VoIP calls to determine what may be causing intermittent issues and how different kinds of traffic are impacting each other. With this information, engineers can solve problems quickly as they pop up and make adjustments to avoid similar difficulties in the future.

So, put yourself in your customers’ shoes—what kind of call experiences are they getting? From there, you can decide your next course of action.

The Top Challenges for Network Engineers in 2015

In 2014, IT professionals faced myriad challenges on a number of fronts; unfortunately, these employees are unlikely to get a rest in 2015. The job of network engineer seems to grow more difficult each day, as these employees continue to see an increasing number of complex tasks land on their desks. Still, solutions do exist that can help lighten the load for these IT professionals. With that in mind, here’s a list of some of the high-priority obstacles engineers will face in the new year and the products that can help them meet those challenges:

Handling More Traffic on a Similar Budget

Worldwide IT spending is on the upswing as businesses across all sectors try to meet customer expectations. Still, global IT spending rose just 2.1 percent overall in 2014 according to Gartner, less than earlier predictions of 3.2 percent. At the same time, some analysts predict network traffic will double in 2015. So, although some IT engineers will see modest budget increases, they may not get enough money allocated to hire new personnel, meaning they will have to adopt or make better use of high-speed network monitoring solutions to handle increased traffic.

Ensuring QoS With Increased High-Bandwidth Traffic

Organizations are being forced to ramp up bandwidth to support more complex customer-facing applications and increased use of enterprise video, VoIP and other high-bandwidth internal traffic. This shift to network speeds of 10G or higher, however, can present a problem for engineers because it becomes more difficult to monitor traffic at those greater speeds. If engineers can’t see the network traffic, they can’t troubleshoot in real time, and network performance suffers both for employees and customers using the organization’s applications. As a result, network and application performance monitoring solutions will become critical to keeping systems running smoothly.

Dealing With Increasingly Frequent and Complex Security Threats                  

Unfortunately, 2014 was a banner year for hackers and a trying year for IT security and C-level executives. Businesses in a wide variety of sectors experienced malicious hacks and data breaches that had a profoundly negative impact on the infiltrated companies’ public image and fiscal health. Considering that hackers have successfully breached government agencies and large banks, the frequency of attack is likely to grow in 2015. Spending on cybersecurity is already rising, with the research firm MarketsandMarkets predicting the global market will reach $155.75 billion by 2017, up from $95.60 billion in 2014. As more businesses look to adopt high-quality cyberattack analysis and network forensics solutions, those numbers may grow even larger.

Will Your Engineer Be Ready?                                                                                               

Your network engineer is going to face some serious issues in 2015—that is not in doubt. What remains to be seen is whether that engineer will be able to handle these challenges, which will depend largely on the tools at your organization’s disposal. WildPackets offers a wide range of products and services that enable network engineers to do their jobs more efficiently with pin point accuracy.

Are you interested in learning more about network monitoring and analysis? Click here to visit our resource page and download one of our white papers.

How Poor VoIP Call Quality Can Cost You Money

If you follow the telecom industry or have a stake in your company’s communications capabilities, you’re probably already aware that voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) calling is in the midst of a tremendous boom. Transparency Market Research, in fact, estimates that the global VoIP services market will reach $136.76 billion by 2020, up from $70.90 million in 2013.

If you’re considering switching from a legacy on-premises PBX system to VoIP—or have made the change already—you are probably looking to capitalize on the cost benefits, top-notch sound quality and other advantages it can offer. What you may not realize, however, is that you can only reap these benefits if your network and applications perform optimally. In fact, without the right solutions in place, switching to VoIP can negatively impact your business.

Because VoIP packets differ from regular data traffic, they present network managers with different challenges. Still, all traffic must move across the network on the same equipment using the same settings. VoIP services can be degraded by application and protocol problems, by basic network problems, or a combination of both. If your company doesn’t have the proper network monitoring tools in place, you may experience quality of service (QoS) problems like latency, jitter and call drops.

When clients or prospects have trouble communicating with you because your VoIP system’s performance is faltering, you risk looking unprofessional and losing business as a result. So how do you make sure you never encounter such an embarrassing scenario?  One surefire way is to deploy a WildPackets network analysis solution.

The OmniPeek Network Analyzer gives network engineers real-time visibility for network analysis into every part of the network from a single interface. Such solutions don’t require you to purchase expensive hardware; they do, however, provide a wealth of capabilities like 10G network performance assurance, application performance analysis, VoIP monitoring and more. Using WildPackets’ VoIP QoS tools, engineers can drill down and obtain detailed information about any VoIP problems in real time and use it to quickly and effectively troubleshoot a disturbance. Businesses that deploy the solution receive advantages such as:

  • At a glance, determine voice and/or video quality for each stream being transmitted and notified if drops below a certain threshold to maintain Q0S
  • Verification of call quality, including the use of R-Factor and MOS scores, using the same tool deployed for overall network analysis and monitoring
  • Ongoing compliance with established network policies to mitigate critically disruptive VoIP problems

Like any other technological innovation, VoIP is only valuable when it functions to capacity—and WildPackets’ solutions can make that happen. If you are experiencing problems with your service or want to protect against future difficulties, click here to find out more about our VoIP Monitoring and Analysis solutions.